Class CandidateMatcher<T extends QueryMatch>

    • Field Detail

      • searcher

        protected final IndexSearcher searcher
        The searcher to run candidate queries against
    • Constructor Detail

      • CandidateMatcher

        public CandidateMatcher​(IndexSearcher searcher)
        Creates a new CandidateMatcher for the supplied DocumentBatch
        searcher - the IndexSearcher to run queries against
    • Method Detail

      • matchQuery

        protected abstract void matchQuery​(String queryId,
                                           Query matchQuery,
                                           Map<String,​String> metadata)
                                    throws IOException
        Runs the supplied query against this CandidateMatcher's set of documents, storing any resulting match, and recording the query in the presearcher hits
        queryId - the query id
        matchQuery - the query to run
        metadata - the query metadata
        IOException - on IO errors
      • addMatch

        protected final void addMatch​(T match,
                                      int doc)
        Record a match
        match - a QueryMatch object
      • resolve

        public abstract T resolve​(T match1,
                                  T match2)
        If two matches from the same query are found (for example, two branches of a disjunction), combine them.
        match1 - the first match found
        match2 - the second match found
        a Match object that combines the two
      • doFinish

        protected void doFinish()
        Called when all monitoring of a batch of documents is complete
      • copyMatches

        protected void copyMatches​(CandidateMatcher<T> other)
        Copy all matches from another CandidateMatcher