Class FilterCodecReader

    • Field Detail

      • in

        protected final CodecReader in
        The underlying CodecReader instance.
    • Constructor Detail

      • FilterCodecReader

        public FilterCodecReader​(CodecReader in)
        Creates a new FilterCodecReader.
        in - the underlying CodecReader instance.
    • Method Detail

      • getLiveDocs

        public Bits getLiveDocs()
        Description copied from class: LeafReader
        Returns the Bits representing live (not deleted) docs. A set bit indicates the doc ID has not been deleted. If this method returns null it means there are no deleted documents (all documents are live).

        The returned instance has been safely published for use by multiple threads without additional synchronization.

        Specified by:
        getLiveDocs in class LeafReader
      • getFieldInfos

        public FieldInfos getFieldInfos()
        Description copied from class: LeafReader
        Get the FieldInfos describing all fields in this reader.

        Note: Implementations should cache the FieldInfos instance returned by this method such that subsequent calls to this method return the same instance.

        Specified by:
        getFieldInfos in class LeafReader
      • numDocs

        public int numDocs()
        Description copied from class: IndexReader
        Returns the number of documents in this index.

        NOTE: This operation may run in O(maxDoc). Implementations that can't return this number in constant-time should cache it.

        Specified by:
        numDocs in class IndexReader
      • maxDoc

        public int maxDoc()
        Description copied from class: IndexReader
        Returns one greater than the largest possible document number. This may be used to, e.g., determine how big to allocate an array which will have an element for every document number in an index.
        Specified by:
        maxDoc in class IndexReader
      • checkIntegrity

        public void checkIntegrity()
                            throws IOException
        Description copied from class: LeafReader
        Checks consistency of this reader.

        Note that this may be costly in terms of I/O, e.g. may involve computing a checksum value against large data files.

        checkIntegrity in class CodecReader