Class FSLockFactory

Direct Known Subclasses:
NativeFSLockFactory, SimpleFSLockFactory

public abstract class FSLockFactory extends LockFactory
Base class for file system based locking implementation. This class is explicitly checking that the passed Directory is an FSDirectory.
  • Constructor Details

    • FSLockFactory

      public FSLockFactory()
  • Method Details

    • getDefault

      public static final FSLockFactory getDefault()
      Returns the default locking implementation for this platform. This method currently returns always NativeFSLockFactory.
    • obtainLock

      public final Lock obtainLock(Directory dir, String lockName) throws IOException
      Description copied from class: LockFactory
      Return a new obtained Lock instance identified by lockName.
      Specified by:
      obtainLock in class LockFactory
      lockName - name of the lock to be created.
      LockObtainFailedException - (optional specific exception) if the lock could not be obtained because it is currently held elsewhere.
      IOException - if any i/o error occurs attempting to gain the lock
    • obtainFSLock

      protected abstract Lock obtainFSLock(FSDirectory dir, String lockName) throws IOException
      Implement this method to obtain a lock for a FSDirectory instance.
      IOException - if the lock could not be obtained.