Class ChecksumIndexInput

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Closeable, AutoCloseable, Cloneable
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public abstract class ChecksumIndexInput extends IndexInput
Extension of IndexInput, computing checksum as it goes. Callers can retrieve the checksum via getChecksum().
  • Constructor Details

    • ChecksumIndexInput

      protected ChecksumIndexInput(String resourceDescription)
      resourceDescription should be a non-null, opaque string describing this resource; it's returned from IndexInput.toString().
  • Method Details

    • getChecksum

      public abstract long getChecksum() throws IOException
      Returns the current checksum value
    • seek

      public void seek(long pos) throws IOException
      Sets current position in this file, where the next read will occur. If this is beyond the end of the file then this will throw EOFException and then the stream is in an undetermined state.

      ChecksumIndexInput can only seek forward and seeks are expensive since they imply to read bytes in-between the current position and the target position in order to update the checksum.

      Specified by:
      seek in class IndexInput
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