Interface SegmentCacheable

All Known Implementing Classes:
ConstantScoreWeight, DisjunctionMaxQuery.DisjunctionMaxWeight, DoubleValuesSource, FilterWeight, IndriAndWeight, LongValuesSource, LongValuesSource.ConstantLongValuesSource, PhraseWeight, Weight

public interface SegmentCacheable
Interface defining whether or not an object can be cached against a LeafReader

Objects that depend only on segment-immutable structures such as Points or postings lists can just return true from isCacheable(LeafReaderContext)

Objects that depend on doc values should return DocValues.isCacheable(LeafReaderContext, String...), which will check to see if the doc values fields have been updated. Updated doc values fields are not suitable for cacheing.

Objects that are not segment-immutable, such as those that rely on global statistics or scores, should return false

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      boolean isCacheable(LeafReaderContext ctx)
      true if the object can be cached against a given leaf