Class MergeRateLimiter


public class MergeRateLimiter extends RateLimiter
This is the RateLimiter that IndexWriter assigns to each running merge, to give MergeSchedulers ionice like control.
NOTE: This API is for internal purposes only and might change in incompatible ways in the next release.
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    • setMBPerSec

      public void setMBPerSec(double mbPerSec)
      Description copied from class: RateLimiter
      Sets an updated MB per second rate limit. A subclass is allowed to perform dynamic updates of the rate limit during use.
      Specified by:
      setMBPerSec in class RateLimiter
    • getMBPerSec

      public double getMBPerSec()
      Description copied from class: RateLimiter
      The current MB per second rate limit.
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      getMBPerSec in class RateLimiter
    • getTotalBytesWritten

      public long getTotalBytesWritten()
      Returns total bytes written by this merge.
    • pause

      public long pause(long bytes) throws MergePolicy.MergeAbortedException
      Description copied from class: RateLimiter
      Pauses, if necessary, to keep the instantaneous IO rate at or below the target.

      Note: the implementation is thread-safe

      Specified by:
      pause in class RateLimiter
      the pause time in nano seconds
    • getTotalStoppedNS

      public long getTotalStoppedNS()
      Total NS merge was stopped.
    • getTotalPausedNS

      public long getTotalPausedNS()
      Total NS merge was paused to rate limit IO.
    • getMinPauseCheckBytes

      public long getMinPauseCheckBytes()
      Description copied from class: RateLimiter
      How many bytes caller should add up itself before invoking RateLimiter.pause(long). NOTE: The value returned by this method may change over time and is not guaranteed to be constant throughout the lifetime of the RateLimiter. Users are advised to refresh their local values with calls to this method to ensure consistency.
      Specified by:
      getMinPauseCheckBytes in class RateLimiter