Class CharArraySet

All Implemented Interfaces:
Iterable<Object>, Collection<Object>, Set<Object>

public class CharArraySet extends AbstractSet<Object>
A simple class that stores Strings as char[]'s in a hash table. Note that this is not a general purpose class. For example, it cannot remove items from the set, nor does it resize its hash table to be smaller, etc. It is designed to be quick to test if a char[] is in the set without the necessity of converting it to a String first.

Please note: This class implements Set but does not behave like it should in all cases. The generic type is Set<Object>, because you can add any object to it, that has a string representation. The add methods will use Object.toString() and store the result using a char[] buffer. The same behavior have the contains() methods. The iterator() returns an Iterator<char[]>.

  • Field Details


      public static final CharArraySet EMPTY_SET
      An empty CharArraySet.
  • Constructor Details

    • CharArraySet

      public CharArraySet(int startSize, boolean ignoreCase)
      Create set with enough capacity to hold startSize terms
      startSize - the initial capacity
      ignoreCase - false if and only if the set should be case sensitive otherwise true.
    • CharArraySet

      public CharArraySet(Collection<?> c, boolean ignoreCase)
      Creates a set from a Collection of objects.
      c - a collection whose elements to be placed into the set
      ignoreCase - false if and only if the set should be case sensitive otherwise true.
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