Class ScandinavianNormalizer


public final class ScandinavianNormalizer extends Object
This Normalizer does the heavy lifting for a set of Scandinavian normalization filters, normalizing use of the interchangeable Scandinavian characters æÆäÄöÖøØ and folded variants (aa, ao, ae, oe and oo) by transforming them to åÅæÆøØ.
NOTE: This API is for internal purposes only and might change in incompatible ways in the next release.
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    • ScandinavianNormalizer

      public ScandinavianNormalizer(Set<ScandinavianNormalizer.Foldings> foldings)
      Create the instance, while choosing which foldings to apply. This may differ between Norwegian, Danish and Swedish.
      foldings - a Set of Foldings to apply (i.e. AE, OE, AA, AO, OO)
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    • processToken

      public int processToken(char[] buffer, int length)
      Takes the original buffer and length as input. Modifies the buffer in-place and returns new length
      new length