Class CapitalizationFilterFactory

public class CapitalizationFilterFactory extends TokenFilterFactory
Factory for CapitalizationFilter.

The factory takes parameters:

  • "onlyFirstWord" - should each word be capitalized or all of the words?
  • "keep" - a keep word list. Each word that should be kept separated by whitespace.
  • "keepIgnoreCase - true or false. If true, the keep list will be considered case-insensitive.
  • "forceFirstLetter" - Force the first letter to be capitalized even if it is in the keep list
  • "okPrefix" - do not change word capitalization if a word begins with something in this list. for example if "McK" is on the okPrefix list, the word "McKinley" should not be changed to "Mckinley"
  • "minWordLength" - how long the word needs to be to get capitalization applied. If the minWordLength is 3, "and" > "And" but "or" stays "or"
  • "maxWordCount" - if the token contains more then maxWordCount words, the capitalization is assumed to be correct.
 <fieldType name="text_cptlztn" class="solr.TextField" positionIncrementGap="100">
     <tokenizer class="solr.WhitespaceTokenizerFactory"/>
     <filter class="solr.CapitalizationFilterFactory" onlyFirstWord="true"
           keep="java solr lucene" keepIgnoreCase="false"
           okPrefix="McK McD McA"/>
solr 1.3
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