Class MergePolicy

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        protected static final double DEFAULT_NO_CFS_RATIO
        Default ratio for compound file system usage. Set to 1.0, always use compound file system.
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        protected static final long DEFAULT_MAX_CFS_SEGMENT_SIZE
        Default max segment size in order to use compound file system. Set to Long.MAX_VALUE.
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      • noCFSRatio

        protected double noCFSRatio
        If the size of the merge segment exceeds this ratio of the total index size then it will remain in non-compound format
      • maxCFSSegmentSize

        protected long maxCFSSegmentSize
        If the size of the merged segment exceeds this value then it will not use compound file format.
    • Constructor Detail

      • MergePolicy

        protected MergePolicy()
        Creates a new merge policy instance.
      • MergePolicy

        protected MergePolicy​(double defaultNoCFSRatio,
                              long defaultMaxCFSSegmentSize)
        Creates a new merge policy instance with default settings for noCFSRatio and maxCFSSegmentSize. This ctor should be used by subclasses using different defaults than the MergePolicy