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Package org.apache.lucene.queryparser.flexible.core

Core classes of the flexible query parser framework.

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Package org.apache.lucene.queryparser.flexible.core Description

Core classes of the flexible query parser framework.

Flexible Query Parser

This package contains the necessary classes to implement a query parser.

A query parser is divided in at least 2 phases, text parsing and query building, and one optional phase called query processing.

First Phase: Text Parsing

The text parsing phase is performed by a text parser, which implements SyntaxParser interface. A text parser is responsible to get a query string and convert it to a QueryNode tree, which is an object structure that represents the elements defined in the query string.

Second (optional) Phase: Query Processing

The query processing phase is performed by a query processor, which implements QueryNodeProcessor. A query processor is responsible to perform any processing on a QueryNode tree. This phase is optional and is used only if an extra processing, validation, query expansion, etc needs to be performed in a QueryNode tree. The QueryNode tree can be either be generated by a text parser or programmatically created.

Third Phase: Query Building

The query building phase is performed by a query builder, which implements QueryBuilder. A query builder is responsible to convert a QueryNode tree into an arbitrary object, which is usually used to be executed against a search index.

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