Class BasicModelIn

  • public class BasicModelIn
    extends BasicModel
    The basic tf-idf model of randomness.
    WARNING: This API is experimental and might change in incompatible ways in the next release.
    • Constructor Detail

      • BasicModelIn

        public BasicModelIn()
        Sole constructor: parameter-free
    • Method Detail

      • score

        public final float score​(BasicStats stats,
                                 float tfn)
        Description copied from class: BasicModel
        Returns the informative content score.
        Specified by:
        score in class BasicModel
      • explain

        public final Explanation explain​(BasicStats stats,
                                         float tfn)
        Description copied from class: BasicModel
        Returns an explanation for the score.

        Most basic models use the number of documents and the total term frequency to compute Inf1. This method provides a generic explanation for such models. Subclasses that use other statistics must override this method.

        explain in class BasicModel
      • toString

        public String toString()
        Description copied from class: BasicModel
        Subclasses must override this method to return the code of the basic model formula. Refer to the original paper for the list.
        Specified by:
        toString in class BasicModel