Class ExitableDirectoryReader.ExitableTerms

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      • ExitableTerms

        public ExitableTerms​(Terms terms,
                             QueryTimeout queryTimeout)
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      • intersect

        public TermsEnum intersect​(CompiledAutomaton compiled,
                                   BytesRef startTerm)
                            throws IOException
        Description copied from class: Terms
        Returns a TermsEnum that iterates over all terms and documents that are accepted by the provided CompiledAutomaton. If the startTerm is provided then the returned enum will only return terms > startTerm, but you still must call next() first to get to the first term. Note that the provided startTerm must be accepted by the automaton.

        This is an expert low-level API and will only work for NORMAL compiled automata. To handle any compiled automata you should instead use CompiledAutomaton.getTermsEnum(org.apache.lucene.index.Terms) instead.

        NOTE: the returned TermsEnum cannot seek


        NOTE: the terms dictionary is free to return arbitrary terms as long as the resulted visited docs is the same. E.g., BlockTreeTermsWriter creates auto-prefix terms during indexing to reduce the number of terms visited.

        intersect in class Terms