Package org.apache.lucene.queries

Filters and Queries that add to core Lucene.


Class Summary
BooleanFilter A container Filter that allows Boolean composition of Filters.
BoostingQuery The BoostingQuery class can be used to effectively demote results that match a given query.
ChainedFilter Allows multiple Filters to be chained.
CommonTermsQuery A query that executes high-frequency terms in a optional sub-query to prevent slow queries due to "common" terms like stopwords.
CustomScoreProvider An instance of this subclass should be returned by CustomScoreQuery.getCustomScoreProvider(org.apache.lucene.index.AtomicReaderContext), if you want to modify the custom score calculation of a CustomScoreQuery.
CustomScoreQuery Query that sets document score as a programmatic function of several (sub) scores: the score of its subQuery (any query) (optional) the score of its FunctionQuery (or queries). Subclasses can modify the computation by overriding CustomScoreQuery.getCustomScoreProvider(org.apache.lucene.index.AtomicReaderContext).
FilterClause A Filter that wrapped with an indication of how that filter is used when composed with another filter.
TermFilter A filter that includes documents that match with a specific term.
TermsFilter Constructs a filter for docs matching any of the terms added to this class.

Package org.apache.lucene.queries Description

Filters and Queries that add to core Lucene.

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