Package org.apache.lucene.util.packed

Packed integer arrays and streams.


Interface Summary
PackedInts.Decoder A decoder for packed integers.
PackedInts.Encoder An encoder for packed integers.
PackedInts.ReaderIterator Run-once iterator interface, to decode previously saved PackedInts.

Class Summary
AppendingDeltaPackedLongBuffer Utility class to buffer a list of signed longs in memory.
AppendingPackedLongBuffer Utility class to buffer a list of signed longs in memory.
BlockPackedReader Provides random access to a stream written with BlockPackedWriter.
BlockPackedReaderIterator Reader for sequences of longs written with BlockPackedWriter.
BlockPackedWriter A writer for large sequences of longs.
EliasFanoDecoder A decoder for an EliasFanoEncoder.
EliasFanoDocIdSet A DocIdSet in Elias-Fano encoding.
EliasFanoEncoder Encode a non decreasing sequence of non negative whole numbers in the Elias-Fano encoding that was introduced in the 1970's by Peter Elias and Robert Fano.
GrowableWriter Implements PackedInts.Mutable, but grows the bit count of the underlying packed ints on-demand.
MonotonicAppendingLongBuffer Utility class to buffer signed longs in memory, which is optimized for the case where the sequence is monotonic, although it can encode any sequence of arbitrary longs.
MonotonicBlockPackedReader Provides random access to a stream written with MonotonicBlockPackedWriter.
MonotonicBlockPackedWriter A writer for large monotonically increasing sequences of positive longs.
PackedDataInput A DataInput wrapper to read unaligned, variable-length packed integers.
PackedDataOutput A DataOutput wrapper to write unaligned, variable-length packed integers.
PackedInts Simplistic compression for array of unsigned long values.
PackedInts.FormatAndBits Simple class that holds a format and a number of bits per value.
PackedInts.Header Header identifying the structure of a packed integer array.
PackedInts.Mutable A packed integer array that can be modified.
PackedInts.NullReader A PackedInts.Reader which has all its values equal to 0 (bitsPerValue = 0).
PackedInts.Reader A read-only random access array of positive integers.
PackedInts.Writer A write-once Writer.
PagedGrowableWriter A PagedGrowableWriter.
PagedMutable A PagedMutable.

Enum Summary
PackedInts.Format A format to write packed ints.

Package org.apache.lucene.util.packed Description

Packed integer arrays and streams.

The packed package provides

The implementations provide different trade-offs between memory usage and access speed. The standard usage scenario is replacing large int or long arrays in order to reduce the memory footprint.

The main access point is the PackedInts factory.

In-memory structures

Disk-based structures

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