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Packages that use TokenStream
org.apache.lucene.analysis API and code to convert text into indexable/searchable tokens. 
org.apache.lucene.document The logical representation of a Document for indexing and searching. 
org.apache.lucene.index Code to maintain and access indices. 

Uses of TokenStream in org.apache.lucene.analysis

Subclasses of TokenStream in org.apache.lucene.analysis
 class CachingTokenFilter
          This class can be used if the token attributes of a TokenStream are intended to be consumed more than once.
 class NumericTokenStream
          Expert: This class provides a TokenStream for indexing numeric values that can be used by NumericRangeQuery or NumericRangeFilter.
 class TokenFilter
          A TokenFilter is a TokenStream whose input is another TokenStream.
 class Tokenizer
          A Tokenizer is a TokenStream whose input is a Reader.

Fields in org.apache.lucene.analysis declared as TokenStream
protected  TokenStream TokenFilter.input
          The source of tokens for this filter.
protected  TokenStream Analyzer.TokenStreamComponents.sink
          Sink tokenstream, such as the outer tokenfilter decorating the chain.

Methods in org.apache.lucene.analysis that return TokenStream
 TokenStream Analyzer.TokenStreamComponents.getTokenStream()
          Returns the sink TokenStream
 TokenStream Analyzer.tokenStream(String fieldName, Reader reader)
          Returns a TokenStream suitable for fieldName, tokenizing the contents of reader.
 TokenStream Analyzer.tokenStream(String fieldName, String text)
          Returns a TokenStream suitable for fieldName, tokenizing the contents of text.

Methods in org.apache.lucene.analysis with parameters of type TokenStream
 Automaton TokenStreamToAutomaton.toAutomaton(TokenStream in)
          Pulls the graph (including PositionLengthAttribute) from the provided TokenStream, and creates the corresponding automaton where arcs are bytes (or Unicode code points if unicodeArcs = true) from each term.

Constructors in org.apache.lucene.analysis with parameters of type TokenStream
Analyzer.TokenStreamComponents(Tokenizer source, TokenStream result)
          Creates a new Analyzer.TokenStreamComponents instance.
CachingTokenFilter(TokenStream input)
          Create a new CachingTokenFilter around input, caching its token attributes, which can be replayed again after a call to CachingTokenFilter.reset().
TokenFilter(TokenStream input)
          Construct a token stream filtering the given input.

Uses of TokenStream in org.apache.lucene.document

Fields in org.apache.lucene.document declared as TokenStream
protected  TokenStream Field.tokenStream
          Pre-analyzed tokenStream for indexed fields; this is separate from fieldsData because you are allowed to have both; eg maybe field has a String value but you customize how it's tokenized

Methods in org.apache.lucene.document that return TokenStream
 TokenStream Field.tokenStream(Analyzer analyzer)
 TokenStream Field.tokenStreamValue()
          The TokenStream for this field to be used when indexing, or null.

Methods in org.apache.lucene.document with parameters of type TokenStream
 void Field.setTokenStream(TokenStream tokenStream)
          Expert: sets the token stream to be used for indexing and causes isIndexed() and isTokenized() to return true.

Constructors in org.apache.lucene.document with parameters of type TokenStream
Field(String name, TokenStream tokenStream)
          Deprecated. Use TextField instead
Field(String name, TokenStream tokenStream, Field.TermVector termVector)
          Deprecated. Use TextField instead
Field(String name, TokenStream tokenStream, FieldType type)
          Create field with TokenStream value.
TextField(String name, TokenStream stream)
          Creates a new un-stored TextField with TokenStream value.

Uses of TokenStream in org.apache.lucene.index

Methods in org.apache.lucene.index that return TokenStream
 TokenStream IndexableField.tokenStream(Analyzer analyzer)
          Creates the TokenStream used for indexing this field.

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