Class NorwegianMinimalStemmer

  extended by

public class NorwegianMinimalStemmer
extends Object

Minimal Stemmer for Norwegian Bokmål (no-nb) and Nynorsk (no-nn)

Stems known plural forms for Norwegian nouns only, together with genitiv -s

Constructor Summary
NorwegianMinimalStemmer(int flags)
          Creates a new NorwegianMinimalStemmer
Method Summary
 int stem(char[] s, int len)
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Constructor Detail


public NorwegianMinimalStemmer(int flags)
Creates a new NorwegianMinimalStemmer

flags - set to NorwegianLightStemmer.BOKMAAL, NorwegianLightStemmer.NYNORSK, or both.
Method Detail


public int stem(char[] s,
                int len)

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