Class CodepointCountFilter

  extended by org.apache.lucene.util.AttributeSource
      extended by org.apache.lucene.analysis.TokenStream
          extended by org.apache.lucene.analysis.TokenFilter
              extended by org.apache.lucene.analysis.util.FilteringTokenFilter
                  extended by org.apache.lucene.analysis.miscellaneous.CodepointCountFilter
All Implemented Interfaces:

public final class CodepointCountFilter
extends FilteringTokenFilter

Removes words that are too long or too short from the stream.

Note: Length is calculated as the number of Unicode codepoints.

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AttributeSource.AttributeFactory, AttributeSource.State
Field Summary
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Fields inherited from class org.apache.lucene.analysis.TokenFilter
Constructor Summary
CodepointCountFilter(Version version, TokenStream in, int min, int max)
          Create a new CodepointCountFilter.
Method Summary
 boolean accept()
          Override this method and return if the current input token should be returned by FilteringTokenFilter.incrementToken().
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end, getEnablePositionIncrements, incrementToken, reset, setEnablePositionIncrements
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Constructor Detail


public CodepointCountFilter(Version version,
                            TokenStream in,
                            int min,
                            int max)
Create a new CodepointCountFilter. This will filter out tokens whose CharTermAttribute is either too short (Character.codePointCount(char[], int, int) < min) or too long (Character.codePointCount(char[], int, int) > max).

version - the Lucene match version
in - the TokenStream to consume
min - the minimum length
max - the maximum length
Method Detail


public boolean accept()
Description copied from class: FilteringTokenFilter
Override this method and return if the current input token should be returned by FilteringTokenFilter.incrementToken().

Specified by:
accept in class FilteringTokenFilter

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