Class ToParentBlockJoinFieldComparator

  extended by<Object>
      extended by
Direct Known Subclasses:
ToParentBlockJoinFieldComparator.Highest, ToParentBlockJoinFieldComparator.Lowest

public abstract class ToParentBlockJoinFieldComparator
extends FieldComparator<Object>

A field comparator that allows parent documents to be sorted by fields from the nested / child documents.

WARNING: This API is experimental and might change in incompatible ways in the next release.

Nested Class Summary
static class ToParentBlockJoinFieldComparator.Highest
          Concrete implementation of ToParentBlockJoinSortField to sorts the parent docs with the highest values in the child / nested docs first.
static class ToParentBlockJoinFieldComparator.Lowest
          Concrete implementation of ToParentBlockJoinSortField to sorts the parent docs with the lowest values in the child / nested docs first.
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class
FieldComparator.ByteComparator, FieldComparator.DocComparator, FieldComparator.DoubleComparator, FieldComparator.FloatComparator, FieldComparator.IntComparator, FieldComparator.LongComparator, FieldComparator.NumericComparator<T extends Number>, FieldComparator.RelevanceComparator, FieldComparator.ShortComparator, FieldComparator.TermOrdValComparator, FieldComparator.TermValComparator
Method Summary
 int compare(int slot1, int slot2)
 void setBottom(int slot)
 FieldComparator<Object> setNextReader(AtomicReaderContext context)
 Object value(int slot)
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compareBottom, compareDocToValue, compareValues, copy, setScorer
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clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, toString, wait, wait, wait

Method Detail


public int compare(int slot1,
                   int slot2)
Specified by:
compare in class FieldComparator<Object>


public void setBottom(int slot)
Specified by:
setBottom in class FieldComparator<Object>


public FieldComparator<Object> setNextReader(AtomicReaderContext context)
                                      throws IOException
Specified by:
setNextReader in class FieldComparator<Object>


public Object value(int slot)
Specified by:
value in class FieldComparator<Object>

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