Package org.apache.lucene.queryparser.surround.query

This package contains SrndQuery and its subclasses.


Interface Summary
DistanceSubQuery Interface for queries that can be nested as subqueries into a span near.
SimpleTerm.MatchingTermVisitor Callback to visit each matching term during "rewrite" in SimpleTerm.MatchingTermVisitor.visitMatchingTerm(Term)

Class Summary
AndQuery Factory for conjunctions
BasicQueryFactory Factory for creating basic term queries
ComposedQuery Base class for composite queries (such as AND/OR/NOT)
DistanceQuery Factory for NEAR queries
FieldsQuery Forms an OR query of the provided query across multiple fields.
NotQuery Factory for prohibited clauses
OrQuery Factory for disjunctions
SimpleTerm Base class for queries that expand to sets of simple terms.
SpanNearClauseFactory Factory for SpanOrQuery
SrndPrefixQuery Query that matches String prefixes
SrndQuery Lowest level base class for surround queries
SrndTermQuery Simple single-term clause
SrndTruncQuery Query that matches wildcards

Exception Summary
TooManyBasicQueries Exception thrown when BasicQueryFactory would exceed the limit of query clauses.

Package org.apache.lucene.queryparser.surround.query Description

This package contains SrndQuery and its subclasses.

The parser in the org.apache.lucene.queryparser.surround.parser package normally generates a SrndQuery.

For searching an is provided by the SrndQuery.makeLuceneQueryField method. For this, TermQuery, BooleanQuery and SpanQuery are used from Lucene.

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