Package org.apache.lucene.queryparser.flexible.precedence.processors

Processors used by Precedence Query Parser


Class Summary
BooleanModifiersQueryNodeProcessor This processor is used to apply the correct ModifierQueryNode to BooleanQueryNodes children.
PrecedenceQueryNodeProcessorPipeline This processor pipeline extends StandardQueryNodeProcessorPipeline and enables boolean precedence on it.

Package org.apache.lucene.queryparser.flexible.precedence.processors Description

Processors used by Precedence Query Parser

Lucene Precedence Query Parser Processors

This package contains the 2 QueryNodeProcessors used by PrecedenceQueryParser.

BooleanModifiersQueryNodeProcessor: this processor is used to apply ModifierQueryNodes on BooleanQueryNode children according to the boolean type or the default operator.

PrecedenceQueryNodeProcessorPipeline: this processor pipeline is used by PrecedenceQueryParser. It extends StandardQueryNodeProcessorPipeline and rearrange the pipeline so the boolean precedence is processed correctly. Check PrecedenceQueryNodeProcessorPipeline for more details.

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