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Packages that use BooleanQuery Code to search indices. 

Uses of BooleanQuery in

Fields in with type parameters of type BooleanQuery
static ScoringRewrite<BooleanQuery> ScoringRewrite.SCORING_BOOLEAN_QUERY_REWRITE
          A rewrite method that first translates each term into BooleanClause.Occur.SHOULD clause in a BooleanQuery, and keeps the scores as computed by the query.

Methods in that return BooleanQuery
 BooleanQuery BooleanQuery.clone()
protected  BooleanQuery MultiTermQuery.TopTermsScoringBooleanQueryRewrite.getTopLevelQuery()
protected  BooleanQuery MultiTermQuery.TopTermsBoostOnlyBooleanQueryRewrite.getTopLevelQuery()

Methods in with parameters of type BooleanQuery
protected  void MultiTermQuery.TopTermsScoringBooleanQueryRewrite.addClause(BooleanQuery topLevel, Term term, int docCount, float boost, TermContext states)
protected  void MultiTermQuery.TopTermsBoostOnlyBooleanQueryRewrite.addClause(BooleanQuery topLevel, Term term, int docFreq, float boost, TermContext states)

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