Class MultiTermQueryWrapperFilter<Q extends MultiTermQuery>

  extended by
      extended by<Q>
Direct Known Subclasses:
NumericRangeFilter, PrefixFilter, TermRangeFilter

public class MultiTermQueryWrapperFilter<Q extends MultiTermQuery>
extends Filter

A wrapper for MultiTermQuery, that exposes its functionality as a Filter.

MultiTermQueryWrapperFilter is not designed to be used by itself. Normally you subclass it to provide a Filter counterpart for a MultiTermQuery subclass.

For example, TermRangeFilter and PrefixFilter extend MultiTermQueryWrapperFilter. This class also provides the functionality behind MultiTermQuery.CONSTANT_SCORE_FILTER_REWRITE; this is why it is not abstract.

Field Summary
protected  Q query
Constructor Summary
protected MultiTermQueryWrapperFilter(Q query)
          Wrap a MultiTermQuery as a Filter.
Method Summary
 boolean equals(Object o)
 DocIdSet getDocIdSet(AtomicReaderContext context, Bits acceptDocs)
          Returns a DocIdSet with documents that should be permitted in search results.
 String getField()
          Returns the field name for this query
 int hashCode()
 String toString()
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Field Detail


protected final Q extends MultiTermQuery query
Constructor Detail


protected MultiTermQueryWrapperFilter(Q query)
Wrap a MultiTermQuery as a Filter.

Method Detail


public String toString()
toString in class Object


public final boolean equals(Object o)
equals in class Object


public final int hashCode()
hashCode in class Object


public final String getField()
Returns the field name for this query


public DocIdSet getDocIdSet(AtomicReaderContext context,
                            Bits acceptDocs)
                     throws IOException
Returns a DocIdSet with documents that should be permitted in search results.

Specified by:
getDocIdSet in class Filter
context - a AtomicReaderContext instance opened on the index currently searched on. Note, it is likely that the provided reader info does not represent the whole underlying index i.e. if the index has more than one segment the given reader only represents a single segment. The provided context is always an atomic context, so you can call AtomicReader.fields() on the context's reader, for example.
acceptDocs - Bits that represent the allowable docs to match (typically deleted docs but possibly filtering other documents)
a DocIdSet that provides the documents which should be permitted or prohibited in search results. NOTE: null can be returned if no documents will be accepted by this Filter.

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