Interface FieldCache.Parser

All Known Subinterfaces:
FieldCache.ByteParser, FieldCache.DoubleParser, FieldCache.FloatParser, FieldCache.IntParser, FieldCache.LongParser, FieldCache.ShortParser
Enclosing interface:

public static interface FieldCache.Parser

Marker interface as super-interface to all parsers. It is used to specify a custom parser to SortField.SortField(String, FieldCache.Parser).

Method Summary
 TermsEnum termsEnum(Terms terms)
          Pulls a TermsEnum from the given Terms.

Method Detail


TermsEnum termsEnum(Terms terms)
                    throws IOException
Pulls a TermsEnum from the given Terms. This method allows certain parsers to filter the actual TermsEnum before the field cache is filled.

terms - the Terms instance to create the TermsEnum from.
a possibly filtered TermsEnum instance, this method must not return null.
IOException - if an IOException occurs

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