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org.apache.lucene.codecs Codecs API: API for customization of the encoding and structure of the index. 
org.apache.lucene.index Code to maintain and access indices. Code to search indices. 

Uses of TermState in org.apache.lucene.codecs

Subclasses of TermState in org.apache.lucene.codecs
 class BlockTermState
          Holds all state required for PostingsReaderBase to produce a DocsEnum without re-seeking the terms dict.

Methods in org.apache.lucene.codecs with parameters of type TermState
 void BlockTermState.copyFrom(TermState _other)

Uses of TermState in org.apache.lucene.index

Subclasses of TermState in org.apache.lucene.index
 class OrdTermState
          An ordinal based TermState

Methods in org.apache.lucene.index that return TermState
 TermState TermState.clone()
 TermState TermContext.get(int ord)
          Returns the TermState for an leaf ordinal or null if no TermState for the ordinal was registered.
 TermState FilterAtomicReader.FilterTermsEnum.termState()
 TermState TermsEnum.termState()
          Expert: Returns the TermsEnums internal state to position the TermsEnum without re-seeking the term dictionary.
 TermState FilteredTermsEnum.termState()
          Returns the filtered enums term state

Methods in org.apache.lucene.index with parameters of type TermState
 void OrdTermState.copyFrom(TermState other)
abstract  void TermState.copyFrom(TermState other)
          Copies the content of the given TermState to this instance
 void TermContext.register(TermState state, int ord, int docFreq, long totalTermFreq)
          Registers and associates a TermState with an leaf ordinal.
 void FilterAtomicReader.FilterTermsEnum.seekExact(BytesRef term, TermState state)
 void TermsEnum.seekExact(BytesRef term, TermState state)
          Expert: Seeks a specific position by TermState previously obtained from TermsEnum.termState().
 void FilteredTermsEnum.seekExact(BytesRef term, TermState state)
          This enum does not support seeking!

Constructors in org.apache.lucene.index with parameters of type TermState
TermContext(IndexReaderContext context, TermState state, int ord, int docFreq, long totalTermFreq)
          Creates a TermContext with an initial TermState, IndexReader pair.

Uses of TermState in

Methods in that return TermState
 TermState FuzzyTermsEnum.termState()

Methods in with parameters of type TermState
 void FuzzyTermsEnum.seekExact(BytesRef term, TermState state)

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