Class BinaryDocValuesField

  extended by org.apache.lucene.document.Field
      extended by org.apache.lucene.document.BinaryDocValuesField
All Implemented Interfaces:
Direct Known Subclasses:
DerefBytesDocValuesField, StraightBytesDocValuesField

public class BinaryDocValuesField
extends Field

Field that stores a per-document BytesRef value.

The values are stored directly with no sharing, which is a good fit when the fields don't share (many) values, such as a title field. If values may be shared and sorted it's better to use SortedDocValuesField. Here's an example usage:

   document.add(new BinaryDocValuesField(name, new BytesRef("hello")));

If you also need to store the value, you should add a separate StoredField instance.

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Nested Class Summary
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Field.Index, Field.Store, Field.TermVector
Field Summary
static FieldType TYPE
          Type for straight bytes DocValues.
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boost, fieldsData, name, tokenStream, type
Constructor Summary
BinaryDocValuesField(String name, BytesRef value)
          Create a new binary DocValues field.
Method Summary
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binaryValue, boost, fieldType, name, numericValue, readerValue, setBoost, setBytesValue, setBytesValue, setByteValue, setDoubleValue, setFloatValue, setIntValue, setLongValue, setReaderValue, setShortValue, setStringValue, setTokenStream, stringValue, tokenStream, tokenStreamValue, toString, translateFieldType
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Field Detail


public static final FieldType TYPE
Type for straight bytes DocValues.

Constructor Detail


public BinaryDocValuesField(String name,
                            BytesRef value)
Create a new binary DocValues field.

name - field name
value - binary content
IllegalArgumentException - if the field name is null

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