Package org.apache.lucene.analysis.tokenattributes

General-purpose attributes for text analysis.


Interface Summary
CharTermAttribute The term text of a Token.
FlagsAttribute This attribute can be used to pass different flags down the Tokenizer chain, e.g.
KeywordAttribute This attribute can be used to mark a token as a keyword.
OffsetAttribute The start and end character offset of a Token.
PayloadAttribute The payload of a Token.
PositionIncrementAttribute Determines the position of this token relative to the previous Token in a TokenStream, used in phrase searching.
PositionLengthAttribute Determines how many positions this token spans.
TermToBytesRefAttribute This attribute is requested by TermsHashPerField to index the contents.
TypeAttribute A Token's lexical type.

Class Summary
CharTermAttributeImpl Default implementation of CharTermAttribute.
FlagsAttributeImpl Default implementation of FlagsAttribute.
KeywordAttributeImpl Default implementation of KeywordAttribute.
OffsetAttributeImpl Default implementation of OffsetAttribute.
PayloadAttributeImpl Default implementation of PayloadAttribute.
PositionIncrementAttributeImpl Default implementation of PositionIncrementAttribute.
PositionLengthAttributeImpl Default implementation of PositionLengthAttribute.
TypeAttributeImpl Default implementation of TypeAttribute.

Package org.apache.lucene.analysis.tokenattributes Description

General-purpose attributes for text analysis.

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