Uses of Class

Packages that use Tokenizer
org.apache.lucene.analysis API and code to convert text into indexable/searchable tokens. 

Uses of Tokenizer in org.apache.lucene.analysis

Fields in org.apache.lucene.analysis declared as Tokenizer
protected  Tokenizer Analyzer.TokenStreamComponents.source
          Original source of the tokens.

Methods in org.apache.lucene.analysis that return Tokenizer
 Tokenizer Analyzer.TokenStreamComponents.getTokenizer()
          Returns the component's Tokenizer

Constructors in org.apache.lucene.analysis with parameters of type Tokenizer
Analyzer.TokenStreamComponents(Tokenizer source)
          Creates a new Analyzer.TokenStreamComponents instance.
Analyzer.TokenStreamComponents(Tokenizer source, TokenStream result)
          Creates a new Analyzer.TokenStreamComponents instance.

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