Package org.apache.lucene.analysis.util

Utility functions for text analysis.


Interface Summary
MultiTermAwareComponent Add to any analysis factory component to allow returning an analysis component factory for use with partial terms in prefix queries, wildcard queries, range query endpoints, regex queries, etc.
ResourceLoader Abstraction for loading resources (streams, files, and classes).
ResourceLoaderAware Interface for a component that needs to be initialized by an implementation of ResourceLoader.

Class Summary
AbstractAnalysisFactory Abstract parent class for analysis factories TokenizerFactory, TokenFilterFactory and CharFilterFactory.
CharacterUtils CharacterUtils provides a unified interface to Character-related operations to implement backwards compatible character operations based on a Version instance.
CharacterUtils.CharacterBuffer A simple IO buffer to use with CharacterUtils.fill(CharacterBuffer, Reader).
CharArrayIterator A CharacterIterator used internally for use with BreakIterator
CharArrayMap<V> A simple class that stores key Strings as char[]'s in a hash table.
CharArraySet A simple class that stores Strings as char[]'s in a hash table.
CharFilterFactory Abstract parent class for analysis factories that create CharFilter instances.
CharTokenizer An abstract base class for simple, character-oriented tokenizers.
ClasspathResourceLoader Simple ResourceLoader that uses ClassLoader.getResourceAsStream(String) and Class.forName(String,boolean,ClassLoader) to open resources and classes, respectively.
ElisionFilter Removes elisions from a TokenStream.
ElisionFilterFactory Factory for ElisionFilter.
FilesystemResourceLoader Simple ResourceLoader that opens resource files from the local file system, optionally resolving against a base directory.
FilteringTokenFilter Abstract base class for TokenFilters that may remove tokens.
OpenStringBuilder A StringBuilder that allows one to access the array.
RollingCharBuffer Acts like a forever growing char[] as you read characters into it from the provided reader, but internally it uses a circular buffer to only hold the characters that haven't been freed yet.
StemmerUtil Some commonly-used stemming functions
StopwordAnalyzerBase Base class for Analyzers that need to make use of stopword sets.
TokenFilterFactory Abstract parent class for analysis factories that create TokenFilter instances.
TokenizerFactory Abstract parent class for analysis factories that create Tokenizer instances.
WordlistLoader Loader for text files that represent a list of stopwords.

Package org.apache.lucene.analysis.util Description

Utility functions for text analysis.

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