Analyzer for Portuguese.


Class Summary
PortugueseAnalyzer Analyzer for Portuguese.
PortugueseLightStemFilter A TokenFilter that applies PortugueseLightStemmer to stem Portuguese words.
PortugueseLightStemFilterFactory Factory for PortugueseLightStemFilter.
PortugueseLightStemmer Light Stemmer for Portuguese
PortugueseMinimalStemFilter A TokenFilter that applies PortugueseMinimalStemmer to stem Portuguese words.
PortugueseMinimalStemFilterFactory Factory for PortugueseMinimalStemFilter.
PortugueseMinimalStemmer Minimal Stemmer for Portuguese
PortugueseStemFilter A TokenFilter that applies PortugueseStemmer to stem Portuguese words.
PortugueseStemFilterFactory Factory for PortugueseStemFilter.
PortugueseStemmer Portuguese stemmer implementing the RSLP (Removedor de Sufixos da Lingua Portuguesa) algorithm.
RSLPStemmerBase Base class for stemmers that use a set of RSLP-like stemming steps.
RSLPStemmerBase.Rule A basic rule, with no exceptions.
RSLPStemmerBase.RuleWithSetExceptions A rule with a set of whole-word exceptions.
RSLPStemmerBase.RuleWithSuffixExceptions A rule with a set of exceptional suffixes.
RSLPStemmerBase.Step A step containing a list of rules.

Package Description

Analyzer for Portuguese.

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