Package org.apache.lucene.analysis.payloads

Provides various convenience classes for creating payloads on Tokens.


Interface Summary
PayloadEncoder Mainly for use with the DelimitedPayloadTokenFilter, converts char buffers to BytesRef.

Class Summary
AbstractEncoder Base class for payload encoders.
DelimitedPayloadTokenFilter Characters before the delimiter are the "token", those after are the payload.
DelimitedPayloadTokenFilterFactory Factory for DelimitedPayloadTokenFilter.
FloatEncoder Encode a character array Float as a BytesRef.
IdentityEncoder Does nothing other than convert the char array to a byte array using the specified encoding.
IntegerEncoder Encode a character array Integer as a BytesRef.
NumericPayloadTokenFilter Assigns a payload to a token based on the Token.type()
NumericPayloadTokenFilterFactory Factory for NumericPayloadTokenFilter.
PayloadHelper Utility methods for encoding payloads.
TokenOffsetPayloadTokenFilter Adds the OffsetAttribute.startOffset() and OffsetAttribute.endOffset() First 4 bytes are the start
TokenOffsetPayloadTokenFilterFactory Factory for TokenOffsetPayloadTokenFilter.
TypeAsPayloadTokenFilter Makes the Token.type() a payload.
TypeAsPayloadTokenFilterFactory Factory for TypeAsPayloadTokenFilter.

Package org.apache.lucene.analysis.payloads Description

Provides various convenience classes for creating payloads on Tokens.

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