Package org.apache.lucene.analysis.en

Analyzer for English.


Class Summary
EnglishAnalyzer Analyzer for English.
EnglishMinimalStemFilter A TokenFilter that applies EnglishMinimalStemmer to stem English words.
EnglishMinimalStemFilterFactory Factory for EnglishMinimalStemFilter.
EnglishMinimalStemmer Minimal plural stemmer for English.
EnglishPossessiveFilter TokenFilter that removes possessives (trailing 's) from words.
EnglishPossessiveFilterFactory Factory for EnglishPossessiveFilter.
KStemFilter A high-performance kstem filter for english.
KStemFilterFactory Factory for KStemFilter
KStemmer This class implements the Kstem algorithm
PorterStemFilter Transforms the token stream as per the Porter stemming algorithm.
PorterStemFilterFactory Factory for PorterStemFilter.

Package org.apache.lucene.analysis.en Description

Analyzer for English.

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