Analyzer for German.


Class Summary
GermanAnalyzer Analyzer for German language.
GermanLightStemFilter A TokenFilter that applies GermanLightStemmer to stem German words.
GermanLightStemFilterFactory Factory for GermanLightStemFilter.
GermanLightStemmer Light Stemmer for German.
GermanMinimalStemFilter A TokenFilter that applies GermanMinimalStemmer to stem German words.
GermanMinimalStemFilterFactory Factory for GermanMinimalStemFilter.
GermanMinimalStemmer Minimal Stemmer for German.
GermanNormalizationFilter Normalizes German characters according to the heuristics of the German2 snowball algorithm.
GermanNormalizationFilterFactory Factory for GermanNormalizationFilter.
GermanStemFilter A TokenFilter that stems German words.
GermanStemFilterFactory Factory for GermanStemFilter.
GermanStemmer A stemmer for German words.

Package Description

Analyzer for German.

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