Package org.apache.lucene.analysis.core

Basic, general-purpose analysis components.


Class Summary
KeywordAnalyzer "Tokenizes" the entire stream as a single token.
KeywordTokenizer Emits the entire input as a single token.
KeywordTokenizerFactory Factory for KeywordTokenizer.
LetterTokenizer A LetterTokenizer is a tokenizer that divides text at non-letters.
LetterTokenizerFactory Factory for LetterTokenizer.
LowerCaseFilter Normalizes token text to lower case.
LowerCaseFilterFactory Factory for LowerCaseFilter.
LowerCaseTokenizer LowerCaseTokenizer performs the function of LetterTokenizer and LowerCaseFilter together.
LowerCaseTokenizerFactory Factory for LowerCaseTokenizer.
SimpleAnalyzer An Analyzer that filters LetterTokenizer with LowerCaseFilter
StopAnalyzer Filters LetterTokenizer with LowerCaseFilter and StopFilter.
StopFilter Removes stop words from a token stream.
StopFilterFactory Factory for StopFilter.
TypeTokenFilter Removes tokens whose types appear in a set of blocked types from a token stream.
TypeTokenFilterFactory Factory class for TypeTokenFilter.
WhitespaceAnalyzer An Analyzer that uses WhitespaceTokenizer.
WhitespaceTokenizer A WhitespaceTokenizer is a tokenizer that divides text at whitespace.
WhitespaceTokenizerFactory Factory for WhitespaceTokenizer.

Package org.apache.lucene.analysis.core Description

Basic, general-purpose analysis components.

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