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Packages that use BaseCharFilter
org.apache.lucene.analysis.charfilter Normalization of text before the tokenizer. 
org.apache.lucene.analysis.pattern Set of components for pattern-based (regex) analysis. 

Uses of BaseCharFilter in org.apache.lucene.analysis.charfilter

Subclasses of BaseCharFilter in org.apache.lucene.analysis.charfilter
 class HTMLStripCharFilter
          A CharFilter that wraps another Reader and attempts to strip out HTML constructs.
 class MappingCharFilter
          Simplistic CharFilter that applies the mappings contained in a NormalizeCharMap to the character stream, and correcting the resulting changes to the offsets.

Uses of BaseCharFilter in org.apache.lucene.analysis.pattern

Subclasses of BaseCharFilter in org.apache.lucene.analysis.pattern
 class PatternReplaceCharFilter
          CharFilter that uses a regular expression for the target of replace string.

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