Package org.apache.lucene.util.fst

Finite state transducers


Class Summary
Builder<T> Builds a compact FST (maps an IntsRef term to an arbitrary output) from pre-sorted terms with outputs (the FST becomes an FSA if you use NoOutputs).
ByteSequenceOutputs Output is a sequence of bytes, for each input term.
BytesRefFSTEnum<T> Can next() and advance() through the terms in an FST
FST<T> Represents an FST using a compact byte[] format.
IntSequenceOutputs Output is a sequence of ints, for each input term.
IntsRefFSTEnum<T> Can next() and advance() through the terms in an FST
NoOutputs Use this if you just want to build an FSA.
Outputs<T> Represents the outputs for an FST, providing the basic algebra needed for the FST.
PairOutputs<A,B> Pairs up two outputs into one.
PositiveIntOutputs Output is a long, for each input term.
UpToTwoPositiveIntOutputs Holds one or two longs for each input term.
Util Static helper methods

Enum Summary

Package org.apache.lucene.util.fst Description

Finite state transducers

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