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Packages that use SortField Code to search indices. 

Uses of SortField in

Fields in declared as SortField
static SortField SortField.FIELD_DOC
          Represents sorting by document number (index order).
static SortField SortField.FIELD_SCORE
          Represents sorting by document score (relevance).
protected  SortField[] FieldValueHitQueue.fields
          Stores the sort criteria being used.
 SortField[] TopFieldDocs.fields
          The fields which were used to sort results by.

Methods in that return SortField
 SortField[] Sort.getSort()
          Representation of the sort criteria.
 SortField SortField.setMissingValue(Object missingValue)
          Set a default sorting value for documents which lacks one

Methods in with parameters of type SortField
<T extends FieldValueHitQueue.Entry>
FieldValueHitQueue.create(SortField[] fields, int size)
          Creates a hit queue sorted by the given list of fields.
 void Sort.setSort(SortField... fields)
          Sets the sort to the given criteria in succession.
 void Sort.setSort(SortField field)
          Sets the sort to the given criteria.

Constructors in with parameters of type SortField
Sort(SortField... fields)
          Sorts in succession by the criteria in each SortField.
Sort(SortField field)
          Sorts by the criteria in the given SortField.
TopFieldDocs(int totalHits, ScoreDoc[] scoreDocs, SortField[] fields, float maxScore)
          Creates one of these objects.

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