Uses of Interface

Packages that use Searchable Code to search indices. 

Uses of Searchable in

Classes in that implement Searchable
 class IndexSearcher
          Implements search over a single IndexReader.
 class MultiSearcher
          Deprecated. If you are using MultiSearcher over IndexSearchers, please use MultiReader instead; this class does not properly handle certain kinds of queries (see LUCENE-2756).
 class ParallelMultiSearcher
          Deprecated. Please pass an ExecutorService to IndexSearcher, instead.
 class Searcher
          Deprecated. In 4.0 this abstract class is removed/absorbed into IndexSearcher

Methods in that return Searchable
 Searchable[] MultiSearcher.getSearchables()
          Deprecated. Return the array of Searchables this searches.

Constructors in with parameters of type Searchable
MultiSearcher(Searchable... searchables)
          Deprecated. Creates a searcher which searches searchers.
ParallelMultiSearcher(ExecutorService executor, Searchable... searchables)
          Deprecated. Creates a Searchable which searches searchables with the specified ExecutorService.
ParallelMultiSearcher(Searchable... searchables)
          Deprecated. Creates a Searchable which searches searchables with the default executor service (a cached thread pool).

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