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Packages that use ScoreDoc Code to search indices. 

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Classes in with type parameters of type ScoreDoc
 class TopDocsCollector<T extends ScoreDoc>
          A base class for all collectors that return a TopDocs output.

Subclasses of ScoreDoc in
 class FieldDoc
          Expert: A ScoreDoc which also contains information about how to sort the referenced document.
static class FieldValueHitQueue.Entry

Fields in declared as ScoreDoc
 ScoreDoc[] TopDocs.scoreDocs
          The top hits for the query.

Methods in with parameters of type ScoreDoc
static TopScoreDocCollector TopScoreDocCollector.create(int numHits, ScoreDoc after, boolean docsScoredInOrder)
          Creates a new TopScoreDocCollector given the number of hits to collect, the bottom of the previous page, and whether documents are scored in order by the input Scorer to TopScoreDocCollector.setScorer(Scorer).
protected  TopDocs TopFieldCollector.newTopDocs(ScoreDoc[] results, int start)
protected  TopDocs TopScoreDocCollector.newTopDocs(ScoreDoc[] results, int start)
protected  TopDocs TopDocsCollector.newTopDocs(ScoreDoc[] results, int start)
          Returns a TopDocs instance containing the given results.
protected  void TopFieldCollector.populateResults(ScoreDoc[] results, int howMany)
protected  void TopDocsCollector.populateResults(ScoreDoc[] results, int howMany)
          Populates the results array with the ScoreDoc instances.
protected  TopDocs weight, Filter filter, ScoreDoc after, int nDocs)
          Expert: Low-level search implementation.
 TopDocs IndexSearcher.searchAfter(ScoreDoc after, Query query, Filter filter, int n)
          Finds the top n hits for query, applying filter if non-null, where all results are after a previous result (after).
 TopDocs IndexSearcher.searchAfter(ScoreDoc after, Query query, int n)
          Finds the top n hits for query where all results are after a previous result (after).

Constructors in with parameters of type ScoreDoc
TopDocs(int totalHits, ScoreDoc[] scoreDocs, float maxScore)
TopFieldDocs(int totalHits, ScoreDoc[] scoreDocs, SortField[] fields, float maxScore)
          Creates one of these objects.

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