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Packages that use Explanation.IDFExplanation Code to search indices. 

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Methods in that return Explanation.IDFExplanation
 Explanation.IDFExplanation Similarity.idfExplain(Collection<Term> terms, Searcher searcher)
          Computes a score factor for a phrase.
 Explanation.IDFExplanation Similarity.idfExplain(Term term, Searcher searcher)
          This method forwards to Similarity.idfExplain(Term,Searcher,int) by passing searcher.docFreq(term) as the docFreq.
 Explanation.IDFExplanation Similarity.idfExplain(Term term, Searcher searcher, int docFreq)
          Computes a score factor for a simple term and returns an explanation for that score factor.

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