Class NRTManagerReopenThread

  extended by java.lang.Thread
      extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:
Closeable, Runnable, NRTManager.WaitingListener

public class NRTManagerReopenThread
extends Thread
implements NRTManager.WaitingListener, Closeable

Utility class that runs a reopen thread to periodically reopen the NRT searchers in the provided NRTManager.

Typical usage looks like this:

   ... open your own writer ...
   NRTManager manager = new NRTManager(writer);

   // Refreshes searcher every 5 seconds when nobody is waiting, and up to 100 msec delay
   // when somebody is waiting:
   NRTManagerReopenThread reopenThread = new NRTManagerReopenThread(manager, 5.0, 0.1);
   reopenThread.setName("NRT Reopen Thread");
   reopenThread.setPriority(Math.min(Thread.currentThread().getPriority()+2, Thread.MAX_PRIORITY));
Then, for each incoming query, do this:
   // For each incoming query:
   IndexSearcher searcher = manager.get();
   try {
     // Use searcher to search...
   } finally {
You should make changes using the NRTManager; if you later need to obtain a searcher reflecting those changes:
   // ... or updateDocument, deleteDocuments, etc:
   long gen = manager.addDocument(...);
   // Returned searcher is guaranteed to reflect the just added document
   IndexSearcher searcher = manager.get(gen);
   try {
     // Use searcher to search...
   } finally {
When you are done be sure to close both the manager and the reopen thrad:

WARNING: This API is experimental and might change in incompatible ways in the next release.

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Thread.State, Thread.UncaughtExceptionHandler
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Constructor Summary
NRTManagerReopenThread(NRTManager manager, double targetMaxStaleSec, double targetMinStaleSec)
          Create NRTManagerReopenThread, to periodically reopen the NRT searcher.
Method Summary
 void close()
 void run()
 void waiting(boolean needsDeletes, long targetGen)
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Constructor Detail


public NRTManagerReopenThread(NRTManager manager,
                              double targetMaxStaleSec,
                              double targetMinStaleSec)
Create NRTManagerReopenThread, to periodically reopen the NRT searcher.

targetMaxStaleSec - Maximum time until a new reader must be opened; this sets the upper bound on how slowly reopens may occur
targetMinStaleSec - Mininum time until a new reader can be opened; this sets the lower bound on how quickly reopens may occur, when a caller is waiting for a specific indexing change to become visible.
Method Detail


public void close()
Specified by:
close in interface Closeable


public void waiting(boolean needsDeletes,
                    long targetGen)
Specified by:
waiting in interface NRTManager.WaitingListener


public void run()
Specified by:
run in interface Runnable
run in class Thread

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