Class Optimizer2

  extended by org.egothor.stemmer.Reduce
      extended by org.egothor.stemmer.Optimizer
          extended by org.egothor.stemmer.Optimizer2

public class Optimizer2
extends Optimizer

The Optimizer class is a Trie that will be reduced (have empty rows removed).

This is the result of allowing a joining of rows when there is no collision between non-null values in the rows. Information loss, resulting in the stemmer not being able to recognize words (as in Optimizer), is curtailed, allowing the stemmer to recognize words for which the original trie was built. Use of this class allows the stemmer to be self-teaching.

Constructor Summary
          Constructor for the Optimizer2 object.
Method Summary
 org.egothor.stemmer.Cell merge(org.egothor.stemmer.Cell m, org.egothor.stemmer.Cell e)
          Merge the given Cells and return the resulting Cell.
Methods inherited from class org.egothor.stemmer.Optimizer
merge, optimize
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Constructor Detail


public Optimizer2()
Constructor for the Optimizer2 object.

Method Detail


public org.egothor.stemmer.Cell merge(org.egothor.stemmer.Cell m,
                                      org.egothor.stemmer.Cell e)
Merge the given Cells and return the resulting Cell.

merge in class Optimizer
m - the master Cell
e - the existing Cell
the resulting Cell, or null if the operation cannot be realized

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