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org.apache.lucene.util.encoding Offers various encoders and decoders for integers, as well as the mechanisms to create new ones. 

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Constructors in with parameters of type IntDecoder
PayloadIntDecodingIterator(IndexReader indexReader, Term term, IntDecoder decoder)
PayloadIntDecodingIterator(IndexReader indexReader, Term term, IntDecoder decoder, byte[] buffer)

Uses of IntDecoder in org.apache.lucene.util.encoding

Subclasses of IntDecoder in org.apache.lucene.util.encoding
 class DGapIntDecoder
          An IntDecoder which wraps another IntDecoder and reverts the d-gap that was encoded by DGapIntEncoder.
 class EightFlagsIntDecoder
          Decodes data which was encoded by EightFlagsIntEncoder.
 class FourFlagsIntDecoder
          Decodes data which was encoded by FourFlagsIntEncoder.
 class NOnesIntDecoder
          Decodes data which was encoded by NOnesIntEncoder.
 class SimpleIntDecoder
          A simple stream decoder which can decode values encoded with SimpleIntEncoder.
 class VInt8IntDecoder
          An IntDecoder which can decode values encoded by VInt8IntEncoder.

Methods in org.apache.lucene.util.encoding that return IntDecoder
 IntDecoder SimpleIntEncoder.createMatchingDecoder()
 IntDecoder SortingIntEncoder.createMatchingDecoder()
 IntDecoder EightFlagsIntEncoder.createMatchingDecoder()
 IntDecoder UniqueValuesIntEncoder.createMatchingDecoder()
 IntDecoder VInt8IntEncoder.createMatchingDecoder()
 IntDecoder NOnesIntEncoder.createMatchingDecoder()
abstract  IntDecoder IntEncoder.createMatchingDecoder()
          Returns an IntDecoder which matches this encoder.
 IntDecoder FourFlagsIntEncoder.createMatchingDecoder()
 IntDecoder DGapIntEncoder.createMatchingDecoder()

Constructors in org.apache.lucene.util.encoding with parameters of type IntDecoder
DGapIntDecoder(IntDecoder decoder)

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