Uses of Class

Packages that use Counter Code to search indices. 
org.apache.lucene.util Some utility classes. 

Uses of Counter in

Methods in that return Counter
static Counter TimeLimitingCollector.getGlobalCounter()
          Returns the global TimerThreads Counter

Constructors in with parameters of type Counter
TimeLimitingCollector.TimerThread(Counter counter)
TimeLimitingCollector.TimerThread(long resolution, Counter counter)
TimeLimitingCollector(Collector collector, Counter clock, long ticksAllowed)
          Create a TimeLimitedCollector wrapper over another Collector with a specified timeout.

Uses of Counter in org.apache.lucene.util

Methods in org.apache.lucene.util that return Counter
static Counter Counter.newCounter()
          Returns a new counter.
static Counter Counter.newCounter(boolean threadSafe)
          Returns a new counter.

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