Uses of Interface

Packages that use BoundaryScanner This is an another highlighter implementation. 

Uses of BoundaryScanner in

Classes in that implement BoundaryScanner
 class BreakIteratorBoundaryScanner
          A BoundaryScanner implementation that uses BreakIterator to find boundaries in the text.
 class SimpleBoundaryScanner

Constructors in with parameters of type BoundaryScanner
BaseFragmentsBuilder(BoundaryScanner boundaryScanner)
BaseFragmentsBuilder(String[] preTags, String[] postTags, BoundaryScanner boundaryScanner)
ScoreOrderFragmentsBuilder(BoundaryScanner bs)
ScoreOrderFragmentsBuilder(String[] preTags, String[] postTags, BoundaryScanner bs)
SimpleFragmentsBuilder(BoundaryScanner bs)
SimpleFragmentsBuilder(String[] preTags, String[] postTags, BoundaryScanner bs)

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