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Packages that use SuggestWord Suggest alternate spellings for words. 

Uses of SuggestWord in

Fields in with type parameters of type SuggestWord
static Comparator<SuggestWord> SuggestWordQueue.DEFAULT_COMPARATOR

Methods in that return types with arguments of type SuggestWord
 Comparator<SuggestWord> SpellChecker.getComparator()

Methods in with parameters of type SuggestWord
 int first, SuggestWord second)
 int first, SuggestWord second)
protected  boolean SuggestWordQueue.lessThan(SuggestWord wa, SuggestWord wb)

Method parameters in with type arguments of type SuggestWord
 void SpellChecker.setComparator(Comparator<SuggestWord> comparator)
          Sets the Comparator for the SuggestWordQueue.

Constructor parameters in with type arguments of type SuggestWord
SpellChecker(Directory spellIndex, StringDistance sd, Comparator<SuggestWord> comparator)
          Use the given directory as a spell checker index with the given StringDistance measure and the given Comparator for sorting the results.
SuggestWordQueue(int size, Comparator<SuggestWord> comparator)
          Specify the size of the queue and the comparator to use for sorting.

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