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The payloads package provides Query mechanisms for finding and using payloads. The calculus of spans. 

Uses of Spans in

Methods in with parameters of type Spans
 void PayloadNearQuery.PayloadNearSpanScorer.getPayloads(Spans[] subSpans)

Constructors in with parameters of type Spans
PayloadNearQuery.PayloadNearSpanScorer(Spans spans, Weight weight, Similarity similarity, byte[] norms)

Uses of Spans in

Subclasses of Spans in
 class NearSpansOrdered
          A Spans that is formed from the ordered subspans of a SpanNearQuery where the subspans do not overlap and have a maximum slop between them.
 class NearSpansUnordered
          Similar to NearSpansOrdered, but for the unordered case.
protected  class SpanPositionCheckQuery.PositionCheckSpan
 class TermSpans
          Expert: Public for extension only

Fields in declared as Spans
protected  Spans SpanScorer.spans

Methods in that return Spans
abstract  Spans SpanQuery.getSpans(IndexReader reader)
          Expert: Returns the matches for this query in an index.
 Spans SpanTermQuery.getSpans(IndexReader reader)
 Spans SpanNotQuery.getSpans(IndexReader reader)
 Spans SpanPositionCheckQuery.getSpans(IndexReader reader)
 Spans FieldMaskingSpanQuery.getSpans(IndexReader reader)
 Spans SpanOrQuery.getSpans(IndexReader reader)
 Spans SpanMultiTermQueryWrapper.getSpans(IndexReader reader)
 Spans SpanNearQuery.getSpans(IndexReader reader)
 Spans[] NearSpansUnordered.getSubSpans()
 Spans[] NearSpansOrdered.getSubSpans()

Methods in with parameters of type Spans
protected  SpanPositionCheckQuery.AcceptStatus SpanPayloadCheckQuery.acceptPosition(Spans spans)
protected abstract  SpanPositionCheckQuery.AcceptStatus SpanPositionCheckQuery.acceptPosition(Spans spans)
          Implementing classes are required to return whether the current position is a match for the passed in "match" SpanQuery.
protected  SpanPositionCheckQuery.AcceptStatus SpanPositionRangeQuery.acceptPosition(Spans spans)
protected  SpanPositionCheckQuery.AcceptStatus SpanFirstQuery.acceptPosition(Spans spans)
protected  SpanPositionCheckQuery.AcceptStatus SpanNearPayloadCheckQuery.acceptPosition(Spans spans)

Constructors in with parameters of type Spans
SpanScorer(Spans spans, Weight weight, Similarity similarity, byte[] norms)

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