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Packages that use AbstractAllGroupHeadsCollector.GroupHead This module enables search result grouping with Lucene, where hits with the same value in the specified single-valued group field are grouped together. 

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Classes in with type parameters of type AbstractAllGroupHeadsCollector.GroupHead
 class AbstractAllGroupHeadsCollector<GH extends AbstractAllGroupHeadsCollector.GroupHead>
          This collector specializes in collecting the most relevant document (group head) for each group that match the query.
 class TermAllGroupHeadsCollector<GH extends AbstractAllGroupHeadsCollector.GroupHead>
          A base implementation of AbstractAllGroupHeadsCollector for retrieving the most relevant groups when grouping on a string based group field.

Fields in declared as AbstractAllGroupHeadsCollector.GroupHead
 GH AbstractAllGroupHeadsCollector.TemporalResult.groupHead

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