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org.apache.lucene.index Code to maintain and access indices. 

Uses of TieredMergePolicy in org.apache.lucene.index

Methods in org.apache.lucene.index that return TieredMergePolicy
 TieredMergePolicy TieredMergePolicy.setFloorSegmentMB(double v)
          Segments smaller than this are "rounded up" to this size, ie treated as equal (floor) size for merge selection.
 TieredMergePolicy TieredMergePolicy.setForceMergeDeletesPctAllowed(double v)
          When forceMergeDeletes is called, we only merge away a segment if its delete percentage is over this threshold.
 TieredMergePolicy TieredMergePolicy.setMaxMergeAtOnce(int v)
          Maximum number of segments to be merged at a time during "normal" merging.
 TieredMergePolicy TieredMergePolicy.setMaxMergeAtOnceExplicit(int v)
          Maximum number of segments to be merged at a time, during forceMerge or forceMergeDeletes.
 TieredMergePolicy TieredMergePolicy.setMaxMergedSegmentMB(double v)
          Maximum sized segment to produce during normal merging.
 TieredMergePolicy TieredMergePolicy.setNoCFSRatio(double noCFSRatio)
          If a merged segment will be more than this percentage of the total size of the index, leave the segment as non-compound file even if compound file is enabled.
 TieredMergePolicy TieredMergePolicy.setReclaimDeletesWeight(double v)
          Controls how aggressively merges that reclaim more deletions are favored.
 TieredMergePolicy TieredMergePolicy.setSegmentsPerTier(double v)
          Sets the allowed number of segments per tier.
 TieredMergePolicy TieredMergePolicy.setUseCompoundFile(boolean useCompoundFile)
          Sets whether compound file format should be used for newly flushed and newly merged segments.

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