Package org.apache.lucene.facet.taxonomy

Taxonomy of Categories


Interface Summary
TaxonomyReader TaxonomyReader is the read-only interface with which the faceted-search library uses the taxonomy during search time.
TaxonomyReader.ChildrenArrays Equivalent representations of the taxonomy's parent info, used internally for efficient computation of facet results: "youngest child" and "oldest sibling"
TaxonomyWriter TaxonomyWriter is the interface which the faceted-search library uses to dynamically build the taxonomy at indexing time.

Class Summary
CategoryPath A CategoryPath holds a sequence of string components, specifying the hierarchical name of a category.

Exception Summary
InconsistentTaxonomyException Exception indicating that a certain operation could not be performed on a taxonomy related object because of an inconsistency.

Package org.apache.lucene.facet.taxonomy Description

Taxonomy of Categories

Facets are defined using a hierarchy of categories, known as a Taxonomy
For example, in a book store application, a Taxonomy could have the following hierarchy:

The Taxonomy translates category-paths into category-ordinal and vice versa.

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